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Pannier Racks

  Before purchasing a pannier rack you will need to check that your frame has the correct mounting points.  You’ll find these on the frame just above where the rear wheel attaches. Most frames will have a threaded hole in them, but some older frames may just have holes that…



Before purchasing a wheel, check what size you need. The best way to do this is to get the size from the side of your tyre.  Also, check how the wheel attaches, e.g. using bolt on with wheel nuts or quick release using a cam lever.  If you’re looking for…


Brake Blocks

  Some brake blocks have a wear indicator line on them but, if yours don’t, a good indication is the groves cut into the brake block. If the groves on you blocks are almost gone, it’s time to replace them. It’s important to replace your brake blocks in good time…



  The same principle that applies to buying a new inner tube also applies to purchasing a new tyre. You just need to write all the numbers down from the old tyre and bring them in to us. We will happily help you find the correct replacement tyre and guide…